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Friday, August 25, 2006

This weekend, La Liga will start the 2006 - 2007 season joining England Premier League and Bundesliga. There major leagues have started; Series A will be the last one. A brand new soccer seasons is waiting for us. It is almost a year since we started with IBC - a sport betting system. We have owned more than 40% of the system which was developed by a Malaysian couple years back.

The system has grown quickly since last year from one database server, and around 20 web servers to 6 database servers and more than 50 web servers. The number of concurrent users has rised from approximately 10,000 to 37,000 users. Numbers of accounts has rised from 100,000 to 300,000 accounts. Within one year, the company business has been increased more than double.

We call our business as a type of gaming. This gaming industry is getting bigger and bigger everyday with online casino, online community games, lottery and sport betting. We mainly operate gaming with sport events. You guys could call this kind of business Gambling; doesn't matter to us, we still consider it as gaming with money.

Those are just a little brief introduction about our company and a little bit background of our software platform.


The 60% of our system is still in ASP. We are going to convert into .NET as well. Our architecture is already ready. My colleague and I have been designed it to contain lots of spaces for improvement later on. We must make everything planned out first as our system is constantly changing with the grow of the business. In our design, N-tier model is still in use, but we planned a way to quickly change from N-tier to services-oriented model. I will post a design eventually; and the design won't be in details, it will just be a rough idea design.

In the past 2 day, new functionalities have been implemented to our system

  • Mini betlist for member sites

  • Improvements to the Odds Controller of the External Admin

Next week, we will have a session on implementing Extreme Programming into our team. We start to follow Agile Development Methodology. Our work finally get paid off; we have convinced the management to apply Agile Development. My colleage and I will have to complete the process template as a proposal plan to them.

Another task that must put in to-do list is to back up our source code database. I want to back up the whole database frequently, but lots of suggestion were to just keep the release source not to keep the whole database. To me, keeping the whole development database will give us the benefits of getting all the metric of team development. We could figure out the team behaviours, real ownership of source code. These things are really important for team development improvement purposes.

Second weekends of the season, my colleage had applied new indecies into our database. How good it is? We will have the answer Saturday and Sunday night.

... No more weekends for me ... :'(


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