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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Last weekend, our ASP Member were already updated new versions of odds display. The new version was implemented similar to what I did with the Forecast of Agent system. The javascript behind just updated new information from the database. The purpose of doing this is to reduce the bandwidth usage. Bandwidth issues are becoming a headache issue for us as our business keeps increasing. Our bandwidth usage is reaching our capacity day by day.

The display odds of ASP version is changed, our .NET member site display odds will have to be changed as well. New odds display engine must be reimplemented. This will be another challenge since I won't have any assistance from the database. The process of analyzing the odds data will be in the web servers. Everything must be planned out and designed thoroughly. I'm taking care of this functionality. Hopefully, tomorrow new ideas will come to me.

Today our big boss came up to us and asked us to find a way to detect bot accounts which are programs. Those programs log into our website automatically and grab our prices from our sites, then update into their sites sothat they don't need to control the odds. It is extremely hard to check for these programs. We have user login logs. We could start from there to check the login patterns of all the accounts and spot those with irregular patterns. Bots usually log in and log out all the time. We could start from there. However, some smarter programmers will randomize their login patterns or mimic the browser behaviours; to trace down those accounts will be really difficult. We will give more thought on this.


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