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Friday, September 01, 2006

It is time to implement new odds display functionality into our .NET member site. I created a different set of javascript and new set of code-behind files. I will start from scratch. Let's see what we have to do.

  • Users navigate the odds display page for the first time, need to build the tables.

  • When users refresh, the code-behind must send just enough informations to the browser, and the javascript will spot which odds are changed in order to update the display.

  • Deal with situations such as new live games, odds closed, live game ends, new games offered e.t.c

I broke everything down into small problems, and start sovling one by one.

1. Remove all the duplicate data in our old odds display engine first.
    Team information of multiple handicap odds and the show time information will be removed first. Since we introduced double handicap for each match , this will reduce our bandwidth by quite a bit.

2. Implement code to detect all changes from the last refresh
This one will be a challenge. So many possible cases have to be considered. The hardest cases would be a match or an odds being removed, or added. I will detect just odds value changes first.


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