Programmer's Log

Monday, September 04, 2006

Monday, another working week starts again. We were supposed to have long weekends this week because our national holiday was on Saturday. I didn't think that I'd have that luxury, and as usual I was right.

Problems arised. I got messages from our Customer Support Department at 1:30 AM in the morning. I was unlucky that being online at that time to check my email, and got caught. Anyways, problems had been detected; they had to be fixed.

  • 777goal correct score, total goal didn't display --> I pointed the cache server into different database, and the database store procedure on there were not up to date.

  • s33bet members could not bet parlay bets --> Data conversion problem from the database. We just did some modifications on performance improvement for the database, some columns had been converted into different datatype. Bugs spotted.

  • s33bet minimum bet displayed incorrectly --> new minimum bet value had been introduced to our ASP version, we hadn't updated it into your .NET version

SOLUTION: come to work on holidays. quick, simple but not dirty as it sounds ...

In the evening, my mailbox received 2 more new requests. Just display requests for s33bet; geared on, I marked DONE status for those in 10 minutes. Anyways, I must update our requirement collector about these requests. He has the responsibility to document everything we did. That's called PROCESS. I'm being thinking on making a blog on PROCESS in our company soon. Hopefully it won't be called CHAOS ... j.k ...

Continue bring new method of reducing the bandwidth into our .NET member now ...