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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Another week passed by so fast. I had not been so productive last week. Things must be changed this week. Everyday, we received more and more requests. I just cleaned my desk at work; but definitely, it will quickly be filled again with papers. There are so many things on our hands: implementing new requests, improving and optimizing the current code, and training our juniors. Well, I guess nothing is for free, then just live with it.

Starting day of this week wasn't so bad. I decided to stay a bit late to finish all the pending requests that the management marked as URGENT on the ASP.NET member

  • Delay of 2 seconds between mix parlay bet was implemented. This one DBAs finished it. We don't show to the user that they are restricted to bet a new parlay within 2 seconds, we just tell them that they can't bet because of "Odds changed"

  • Provide Help section for the mix parlay

  • Implemented the count number of current games on the menu.

  • Preparing all the codes for the splitting of the servers tomorrow

Today, Boss comes back ... definitely more things to come ... *sigh* . We will have actions soon.


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