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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Adapt to "constant" changes

Technology is changing every day, we have to update ourselves constantly to keep up with the pace. In 2002, our software was implemented with ASP and SQL 2000 and now we are replacing the old software with ASP.NET 2.0 and SQL 2005. Next year, we may change to something else ... who knows ... It is not only just the technology changes but also customers' requirements also change day by day. Today the requirement will be a square; but tomorrow, the square may turn into an oval. The businesses are changing, the requirements must be changed as well. To cope with new demands, new technology will be employed, and new ways of doing things will be used. Putting everything together creates a cirle. That cirle creates an indefinitely flow for those who choose to be in this technology industry.

Last night, I brought up new features to our Admin 2 website as well. I also found couple of bugs, bugs in the new features and also bugs in one of the old features.

  • Special character in the team name, my javascript will return an error when this team name occurs

  • Back functions of the live delete trace is not working

These were rare errors that's why our operators could not pick them up.

Today we start implementing the Company Admin website after a series of delay due to something called "PROCESS". The management wanted "PROCESS" and "PROCESS" reduced the productivities. "PROCESS" is necessary for any development firm; however, implementing it could not be done in a sort period of time. I have learnt a lots out of this process improvement period. For our company, heavy-weight process like CMMI is too much because our development team is pretty small. Light-weight process like Agile Development is more suitable to start with.

... first iteration is on the way ...


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